Training to be an Osteopath

Becoming a registered Osteopath means doing a degree in Osteopathy. This is not for the feint hearted as it involves 4 years years of intense academic and physical slog. The students practice techniques on each other, which demands quite a lot of stamina. The exams are hard, and students spend an average of 20 - 30 hours a week in lectures.


Despite this most students find the course very rewarding, especially those looking for a way to help bring health to their fellow men.


The courses have a vocational intent, preparing Osteopaths for practice in the same way that students are trained during a medical degree for a career as a doctor.


There are 5 schools in the UK that offer the course.

The European School of Osteopathy

As its name suggests the ESO attracts students from all over Europe. It has been established for over 40 years and has a reputation for producing well rounded and skilled Osteopaths. Noted for making Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy important parts of the training. Set in stunning rural surroundings near Maidstone in Kent the college provides a very pleasant environment for study and achievement.

Link to ESO Web site

The British School of Osteopathy

The largest and oldest of the Osteopathy colleges, the BSO is probably the most formal, concentrating on producing Osteopaths with strong technical skills. The South London based college is well organised and well funded.

Link to BSO Web site

The British College of Osteopathic Medicine

A well established college with roots in Naturopathy, the North London based college still

places emphasis on nutrition as part of a complete training in Osteopathic medicine. Specialisms unique to the college include clinical dietetics, psychosomatics, hydrotherapy and lifestyle assessment.

Link to BCOM Web site

Nescot - The Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine

The youngest of the Osteopathy Colleges, it nonetheless teaches a very traditional style of Osteopathy. It is also about to introduce a qualification in Veterinary Osteopathy. Based in Epsom, Surrey.

Link to the Nescot Web site

Oxford Brooks

The Oxford based college offers both full and part time courses.

The Oxford Brooks Web site





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